Association Management Companies

Would it be beneficial for your firm to be able to offer another valuable product line to your association clients with very minimal effort on your part? AIMS has an association long term care insurance program that hundreds of associations throughout the country are now utilizing. With over 15 years of experience in servicing and educating association members about this important coverage, we can assist you in better serving your association clients.

We work with many organizations similar to yours that specialize in offering insurance benefits to associations. We understand that you are good at what you do and don’t necessarily have the time, personnel, or expertise to add another product to your portfolio. It is that understanding that has led to the development of our completely turn-key program.

Your level of involvement is up to you. Other organizations may approach your association clients about long term care insurance, as this subject has a high level of interest. Our system allows you to offer this coverage and rely on our experience and low-key marketing approach to enhance your relationship with your clients.

By networking, you can fill the very real need for this type of coverage, while tying your clients even more to your organization.