Benefits for Your Association

Enhances Your Benefit Package
The AIMS Association LTC Program provides significant premium discounts
and simplified underwriting to eligible members, their extended family, and to
employees of members. These advantages are not available to the general
public. The program also includes extensive educational information about
long term care issues.

Increases Membership Affinity and Loyalty
Each time an association provides a valuable service for its members, including
educational programs and unique product advantages, the association builds
greater affinity and reaffirms the value of membership. These actions also
assist in attracting new members to your program.
Turn-Key Education and Administration
AIMS provides customized, compliance approved educational materials
including web sites, direct mailers, magazine / newsletter ads and articles,
e-mail and fax blasts, and displays for association conventions.
AIMS and the respective insurance carrier handle all customer service and
support responsibilities, including full reporting as needed by the association.
There are no service, legal, or administrative responsibilities for the
association. This provides your association with professional materials and
membership service at no expense.
Opportunities to Increase Non-Dues Revenue
Non-Dues revenue sources may be available within the program designed for
your organization.

The LTC programs offered by AIMS have been endorsed by hundreds of
associations across the country. The experience gained over 15 years working
with associations of all types has enabled us to provide top quality programs,
materials, methods of implementation and member service.

All member contact activities observe a low-key approach. There are no
telemarketing efforts and no direct contact by phone or in person unless a
member has responded and requests an appointment. All initial information is
communicated by web site, direct mail, and convention displays. Professional
LTC agent representatives will provide further information, and based on
the member’s circumstances and objectives, will present a customized plan
that best fits the member’s needs and budget. Importantly, all materials will
receive the advance approval of the association.