Benefits for Members

Members (including association staff), their extended family, and employees,
will have the opportunity to acquire full information on LTC issues. This
information could assist them in their planning for the future.

Premium Discounts
All eligible applicants will receive discounts not otherwise available.

Simplified Underwriting Process
Eligible applicants will qualify for simplified underwriting, making the process
of applying for coverage quick and easy.

Individual Policies
Unlike traditional group insurance, this program features an individual state-approved
policy contract for each insured person. There are several important
advantages of an individual policy including a personal selection of benefits for
each insured, full portability, premium stability, and guaranteed renewability.

Quality Coverage
The policies designed and offered through the AIMS association program
contain features and coverage advantages not common to LTC insurance
policies in general. Subject to state approvals, those features include:

• premium rate guarantees
• the ability of family members to become paid caregivers
• alternative cash benefits
• and many other outstanding features.